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Custom Printed Hot Air Balloons PUL fabric perfect for creating reusable your sustainable products.


We also have a matching jersey availble in this print

Our exclusive print PUL fabric is perfect for creating reusable your sustainable products.


The PUL is so easy to work with and has a really nice stretch to it. It is 3mm PUL which means it is really comfortable for items of clothing like waterproof jackets and reusable nappies.

Hot Air Balloons PUL

SKU: 1009
1 Meter
  • PUL is a laminated knit fabric made up of two layers; Polyester knitted side and a polyurethane side. They are fused together to create a breathable waterproof fabric that is perfect for sewing lots of reusable items such as –

    • Bibs
    • Changing mats
    • Nappies
    • Cloth sanitary pads
    • Breast pads
    • Changing bags
    • Nappy bags
    • High chair covers
    • Swim bags
    • Rain coats

    PUL has a slight stretch which is why it is so perfect for making items of clothing especially for little ones so they can move around with ease. Our PUL comes in many exciting designs and new custom designs are always being added.


    Machine washable up to 60° but it I highly recommend washing at lower temperatures (30° - 40°) for longevity and only doing a strip wash at 60° when necessary.

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