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Hello and welcome to Transform Fabrics.! I'm Christine and I am the one behind this vibrant corner of the web, where we celebrate the joy of fabric and the art of sewing. Tucked away in the scenic landscape of Co Armagh, Northern Ireland, my online fabric shop is a reflection of my life’s journey, my passions, and the dreams I have for the future.

Balancing my time between my role as an Occupational Therapy Assistant with the NHS and managing this shop, I find a unique harmony in caring for others and nurturing my creative side. This shop is more than just a business to me; it's a space where my love for sewing, knitting, and my newfound interest in gardening come together.

My crafting adventure began as a way to lift my spirits and find a rewarding hobby. It quickly grew into a passion that has not only filled my home with love and creativity but has also inspired me to share this joy with others. From the warmth of hand-knitted items to the personal touch in each sewn garment, my creations are a reflection of my journey and the Transformation along the way.

Music plays a big part in my life, setting the mood for my creative sessions and influencing the vibe of our shop. Whether it's the upbeat tempo of pop music for a day of productivity or the soothing melodies of classical music for moments of concentration, there's always a tune that complements the fabric in your hands.

Driven by a desire for a sustainable and eco-friendly future, my vision extends beyond the fabric we sell. I'm passionate about promoting local artists and craftspeople, and showcasing their incredible talent through our fabrics. Our focus is on dressmaking and cloth nappy materials, ensuring quality and sustainability in every piece. Fall in love with your fabric, fall in love with your garments and build an emotional connection so you care for them and hold onto them longer. We're committed to making eco-friendly choices accessible, from how we source our materials to the way we run our business. I am learning every day and working on this ethos every day to ensure I can do better.

Our shop may be small, but our aspirations are grand. We dream of a world where everyone has access to eco-friendly and ethically produced fabrics. Where crafting is not just a hobby, but a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. And where each purchase supports not just a small business, but a shared vision for a greener planet.

So, whether you're here to find the perfect fabric for your next project or to support a business that values sustainability and community, know that you've come to the right place. Together, let's sew the seeds of change, one stitch at a time.

Welcome to our fabric family. Let's create something wonderful together.

Take Care 

Christine ;)

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